• Welcome to Carometec

    - world leader in carcass qualification

    Carometec is a highly specialized company and the world leader within grading, sorting, yield management, tracking and quality control equipment for the pig and beef industry worldwide.

  • AutoFom

    Fully Automatic Pig Carcass Grading and Sorting

    The most advanced pork-grading system of today. Fully automatic 3-D ultrasound scanning of carcasses provides, among other things, information about the total lean meat percentage and the lean meat percentage in the ham, loin, shoulder and belly.

  • Fat-O-Meat'er II

    Manual Pig Carcass Grading

    Using modern technology Carometec has developed a new generation of the Fat-O-Meat'er - the Fat-O-Meat'er II. To make the new generation even better, the Fat-O-Meat'er II has been upgraded as follows:
           • New probe sensor design
           • New mechanical drive and electronic controls
           • Modular system with extensive roadmap for future enhancements
           • Improved precision (0.25 mm to 0.03 mm)
           • Improved hygienic design (EN1672-2)

    Fat-O-Meat'er II
  • Carometec Touch Panel i15

    Tried, Tested, Tough!

    The Carometec Touch Panel i15 endures the extreme environments within the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. This high performance Touch Screen Computer withstands high temperature (80°C/176° F), as well as high pressure (103 bar/1500 psi) cleaning, and the use of typical cleaning agents.

    Carometec Touch Panel i15
  • AutoTag

    Automatic RFID Identification

    AutoTag is an automatic identification system for trolleys/gambrels, trays and meat products. The system is based on the latest in Radio Frequency (RF) technology. AutoTag is used to track the carcasses at the kill floor e.g. from the AutoFom to the hot scale. When the carcasses enter the cooler, AutoTag can be used to automatically sort the carcasses onto the correct storage rail.


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  • Smithfield Farmland buys first NitFom in the US
    For some time, Smithfield Farmland has in collaboration with Carometec A/S  worked on making it possible to perform rapid prediction of pork fat quality (iodine value and fatty acid profile).
  • IFFA 2016
    A couple of months ago the no. 1 fair for the meat industry – the IFFA exhibition in Frankfurt am Main - ended. IFFA is the world´s leading trade fair for the meat processing industry and offers a unique depth and breadth of goods from all product and industry sectors. Also this year Carometec was one of the participating companies – together with our partners ITEC and Attec.
  • The first AutoFom 3rd generation has been installed in Russia
    The Rusagro Group has installed an AutoFom III in one of their pig plants. The newly opened slaughterhouse is located in the town Tambov southeast of  Moscow.
  • Triumph Foods Inc. has purchased AutoFom III
    Triumph Foods Inc. - one of the most modern packing plants in the United States - will install the AutoFom III at their plant in St. Joseph, MO.
  • Skövde Slakteri AB has installed AutoFom III
    Skövde Slakteri AB in central Sweden has recently installed an AutoFom III as well as 2 AutoMarkers.
  • Tönnies uses NitFom
    As the first plant in Europe, Tönnies installed the NitFom 7 months ago for on-line iodine value and fatty acid measurement
  • AutoFom III and NitFom in Spanish EUREKA project
    A new yield improvement project for Iberian pigs has been signed off in Spain.
  • The Fat-O-Meat'er II is AUSMEAT approved for grading pigs
    The Fat-O-Meat’er II has been approved for Pork P2 determination by the Australian government body, AUSMEAT.
  • New company headquarters
    In May 2015 Carometec A/S moved to new company headquarters in Smørum – 25 km. from the center of Copenhagen.

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