About Carometec Food Technology
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Carometec A/S is the world leader in carcass grading equipment for pig and cattle slaughterhouses. The company has introduced new methods for grading, which have improved the competitive advantages for meat processors worldwide.

We offer the market’s latest and most innovative products in the following areas:

Carometec A/S has an in-house team of product developers continuously improving our existing products and developing new solutions for our customers worldwide. They are all specialised in classification and the team has an in-dept knowledge of ultrasound and vision technology as well as advanced statistical models.

During the past 3 decades Carometec A/S has set the standards in the field of on-line carcass classification. Today, the company has more than 1000 installations in 30 countries, which are serviced from more than 30 local partners and 4 subsidiary companies worldwide.

This makes Carometec A/S uniquely positioned to deliver not only innovative products but also practical solutions for slaughterhouses as well as integration into the existing processing lines.

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