Background Information

Carometec and our products play an important role in the history and evolution of objective equipment for carcass grading and quality control.

Previously, the company was named SFK Technology A/S, and on May 1, 2009, we changed name to Carometec A/S ("caro" from Latin [carō= meat], "metec" as expression for measurement technique. The waves in the logo symbolise sound and light waves as a measuring principle).

Our roots go back to 1931 when the Danish meat industry, then far more fragmented than today, established a separate cooperative in line with the traditional organizational model of Danish agriculture. The purpose was to provide a centralized purchasing function for the benefit of the industry as a whole. This cooperative was named SFK amba.

Later, a sales organisation was established and technology oriented products were included in the product portfolio leading to the introduction in 1948 of the first handheld probe equipment for grading of carcasses – the Introscope.

In the early 1970s, the next generation of carcass grading equipment was introduced. It was a handheld optical probe that transforms light reflectance values into actual fat and muscle measurements. The Fat-O-Meat'er became – and still is – the standard in many countries, and is, today, the most widely used carcass grading equipment in the world.

In 1991, SFK Technology A/S became a separate company within the SFK Group with focus on carcass grading equipment and in 2001 SFK Technology A/S split off from the SFK Group and became an independent legal entity.

In the mid-1990s the foundation for the next, and technologically advanced, generation of carcass grading equipment was laid. With the introduction of the AutoFom in 1995 the beginning of a new generation within carcass grading was established. Previously, all grading systems were limited to a single point measurement, but with the AutoFom real 3-D ultrasonic technology was introduced to the meat industry. The comprehensive information of the entire carcass could be used downstream for optimum sorting purposes and upstream for correct payment of the livestock suppliers.

Currently, the AutoFom is rapidly becoming the new standard in the field of carcass grading and is in fact not only used for grading – it has become an integral management tool within many of the world's leading meat companies.

Today, Carometec A/S is privately owned and with a strong financial position. Furthermore, about 12 % of our annual revenue is allocated to research and development in order to continue being the world leader in carcass grading and equipment for meat quality.

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