Research & Development


In January 2014 Carometec joined a two-year project called MACSYS. The project involves nine partners including research institutions and companies from six EU countries. The project is financed by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme and has received EUR 1.2 mio. in funding. Please visit

The aim of MACSYS is to develop a reliable analytical method that can objectively quantify quality traits of mechanically separated meat as well as other types of comminuted meat both by biochemical and histochemical methods.

For the histochemical methods an automated image analysis system will be developed which will include an objective determination of level of degradation of muscle structure in comminuted meat. Furthermore, sensors that can monitor the most important quality traits on- line at the production site will be developed and tested. These methods will enable legislators in collaboration with relevant industrial partners and consumer organizations to classify comminuted meat on quality traits rather than on method of recovery, which is currently the case.

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