Smithfield Farmland buys first NitFom in the US
- Tuesday, 09 August 2016

For some time, Smithfield Farmland has in collaboration with Carometec A/S  worked on making it possible to perform rapid prediction of pork fat quality (iodine value and fatty acid profile).

Proping is performed early after slaughter using the NitFom. Early prediction of iodine value enables evaluation of the feeding regime and the final product quality (sliceability and keapability). Smithfield Farmland has now decided to buy the first equipment in the US - it will go into operation at their plant in Milan, MO.

IFFA 2016
- Friday, 08 July 2016

A couple of months ago the no. 1 fair for the meat industry – the IFFA exhibition in Frankfurt am Main - ended. IFFA is the world´s leading trade fair for the meat processing industry and offers a unique overview of equipment from all product and industry sectors. IFFA 2016 set a new record on the exhibitor side with a total of 1,027 companies taking part (a 6 % increase compared to the last IFFA show in 2013) representing 51 different countries.

Again this year Carometec was one of the participating companies – together with our partners ITEC and Attec. We were very pleased to take part in this successful event again and very pleased with the results. We had many visitors (from 39 different countries) at our stand and it was a pleasure to establish new contacts and create the foundation for new business co-operations as well as welcoming existing customers to talk about future business opportunities.

IFFA stand 2016 2

If you visited our stand we would like to thank you for the interest you showed in Carometec and our products - we hope you received all the information you were interested in during your visit. If we can be of further assistance to you after the IFFA exhibition, we remain at your assistance.

This year we presented the following products:

AutoFom III™:
The AutoFom™ is a grading system for pigs, which uses fully automatic 3D ultrasound scanning of a carcass. Being one of the most accurate systems in the world it provides information about the total lean meat percentage of a carcass and the yield in the 4 primal cuts: ham, loin, shoulder and belly. In addition, it also determines the weight of the saleable meat in the whole carcass and in each of the four primals.

On the procurement side, the AutoFom™ offers a more advanced and accurate evaluation of the commercial value of the carcasses. AutoFom™ data is used for optimizing production by sorting primal cuts according to yield. In some countries AutoFom™ is also used for genetic programs such as boar selection.

The new NitFom™ represents a breakthrough in bringing analysis of fat quality traits such as iodine value, fatty acid composition and melting point, to work directly on the kill floor at line speeds up to 1200 per hour.

The NitFom™, which is robust and reliable, uses Near-Infrared-Transmission spectroscopy in combination with highly advanced chemometric modelling. The ultra-fast measurements in combination with depth resolved spectra provides for a normalization of results giving very precise and robust measurements.

The NitFom™ makes sorting of and payment for carcasses possible through 100% testing providing iodine value and melting point in real-time with a precision of ± 1.5 (iodine values). Each measurement cycle takes less than 3 seconds and the calibration of the equipment is easy-to-use with low operating costs.

Fat-O-Meat’er II™:
The Fat-O-Meat’er™ is a hand-held optical probe developed for measuring fat and muscle thicknesses in predefined locations on the carcass - and has established itself as the industry standard.

Using state-of-the-art technology Carometec has developed a new generation Fat-O-Meat’er (the Fat-O-Meat’er II), a robust and reliable system with a significantly improved resolution. As an extra feature the new generation is designed with an extensive roadmap for future enhancements.

The AutoMarker™is a marking system which, depending on the version, automatically prints sequential slaughter numbers and other information on the carcasses using ink jet technology. This also ensures reliable carcass tracking.

The brand new model in our AutoMarker program – the AutoMarker Mx-32, which is a fine pitch graphical printer with 32 dot print heads - is intended especially for printing on curved surfaces of the carcass – e.g. the ham. Here it can print a veterinary stamp, remark, class stamp or other similar stamps.

All our 3 AutoMarker versions use specially approved food brown ink for the printing. The ink can withstand both the singeing oven and the blast freezer.

The AutoMarker™ system is usually installed together with an AutoFom™ but it can also be installed as a stand-alone system.

Sales contacts:
If you would like to know more about our products, please contact our distributor or subsidiary company near you – you find our world wide sales contacts by clicking here.

We look forward to participating in the next IFFA show coming up in May, 2019. 

The first AutoFom 3rd generation has been installed in Russia
- Thursday, 03 December 2015

The Rusagro Group has installed an AutoFom III in one of their pig plants. The newly opened slaughterhouse is located in the town Tambov southeast of  Moscow.

The Rusagro Goup has become an important player in the Russian agro business and has activities in sugar, feeding, and oil – as well as within the fat and meat sector, where the group’s activities increase significantly.

Carometec is already present in the Russian market with 2 AutoFom I installations and more Fat-O-Meat’er II systems. Furthermore, the first beef carcass grading system - the BCC-2.1 - was commissioned in Russia last year.

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