AutoFom III and Fat-O-Meat’er II approved in Italy
- Monday, 03 February 2014

This is the first time that AutoFom has been approved in Italy. The AutoFom III completed the approval with outstanding good results and was named “best in test” among the equipment participating in the approval test. Once again the AutoFom III showed an unheard-of precision on Lean Meat Percentage, as we have seen in other European countries.

Also the Fat-O-Meat’er II is now approved for carcass grading in Italy. The previous version of the Fat-O-Meat’er was the standard grading equipment for many years. We are, therefore, pleased that the new generation of Fat-O-Meat’er has been approved and continues to be the top grading equipment in Italy.

3rd AutoFom in Spanish Grupo Val Companys
- Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Grupo Vall Companys is among the 5 largest meat processors in Spain with slaughtering and processing facilities in the pork beef and poultry sectors. The group is vertically integrated with own farms and feed production.

They have used AutoFom I in two of their slaughter houses for more than 5 years. Last year it was decided to integrate the AutoFom III at the kill line in Carnicas Cinco Villas as volume is increasing. The new AutoFom III system is now installed and commissioned and Cinco Villas can start taking advantage of the accurate and reliable grading data from the system.

With this new installation 16 pork slaughter houses in Spain representing more than 20 million pigs annually use AutoFom. Today, all the major players in the Spanish pork industry grade with AutoFom or Fat-o-Meat’er II.

Danish Crown Horsens has upgraded to AutoFom III
- Friday, 27 September 2013

Danish Crown in Horsens has decided to install the new AutoFom III as an upgrade to their older AutoFoms.                  

In their ultra-modern plant in Horsens, Danish Crown operates 2 AutoFom IIIs in parallel meaning that more than 90.000 pigs are quantified with the new AutoFoms every week

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