AutoFom III approved in Belgium with unheard-of precision
- Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Carometec’s new generation of the AutoFom, the AutoFom III, was part of the new national calibration in Belgium. The prediction error of the AutoFom III on Lean Meat Percentage was 1.14! This is an unheard-of precision, yet in line with results previously achieved in both Germany and Poland.

Handheld insertion probes, with our own new Fat-O-Meat’er II as the best, were in the range of 1.90-2.02 in RMSEP (Root Mean Square Error of Prediction), whereas vision based equipment was well over an RMSEP value of 2, twice the error of the AutoFom III. What is also important is that since the AutoFom III is running as if in real production its results reflect what can actually be expected in the daily production, whereas other types of instruments would probably see a larger error at real line speeds and variations in carcass splitting.

RMSEP refers in layman terms to the error to be expected in a measurement. An example; the AutoFom III is at 1.14 (± 1.14 Lean Meat Percentages) and the worst equipment, Vision based systems, at 2.27 (± 2.27 Lean Meat Percentages).

Carometec has not previously had our equipment approved in Belgium, however, the leading Belgium Meat Group, the Covavee/Covalis Group, has already fitted both plants with the new AutoFom III.

Fat-O-Meat'er II approval for Argentina
- Tuesday, 07 February 2012

Argentina is the 7th country where the latest generation of the Fat-O-Meat'er obtains an official national approval. The Argentine slaughterhouses can now use the results from the pig carcass grading equipment, Fat-O-Meat’er II, for payment to the farmers.

The official body ONCCA, which is a part of the Ministry of Agriculture, organized the approval test last year in collaboration with selected slaughterhouses and with assistance from Carometec’s distributor for Argentina, Food Technology S.A.

The meat production in Argentina has historically been dominated by a large number of cattle livestock but since 2000 the pig production has shown an important increase from 2.5 mio. pigs to 3.3 mio pigs slaughtered 10 years later. The government focuses on pig production in order to obtain higher self-sufficiency for Argentina.

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New EU approval test in Spain
- Monday, 19 December 2011

During the past 3 months, data collection for an EU approval test has taken place at the Spanish slaughterhouse Le Porc Gourmet in Vic close to Barcelona.

Included in the approval test are the newly improved grading systems, Fat-O-Meat'er II and AutoFom III.

The trial is organised by the Catalan Food Research Institute, IRTA, in close collaboration with the slaughterhouse. IRTA is also in charge of reporting the official documents to the Pig Carcass Grading Committee of the EU Commission in Brussels.

Today, Carometec is the market leader of pig carcass grading equipment in Spain with 12 fully automatic AutoFom systems and more than 20 hand-held Fat-O-Meat'ers.

With this new approval test Carometec introduces the newest generation of the advanced ultrasonic grading system AutoFom to the Spanish market and the updated version of the strong brand, the Fat-O-Meat'er, currently sold to hundreds of slaughterhouses worldwide.

For further information please contact Henrik Almind at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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