AutoFom III
Fully Automatic Ultrasonic Carcass Grading

Since its launch in 1994,  AutoFom has revolutionized  the world’s pork industry with its ability to accurately and automatically quantify the commercial value of pig carcasses. The new AutoFom III is a quantum leap in precision.


This is how it works
AutoFom III uses advanced ultrasonic image analysis. The system provides information about classification, i.e. the total lean meat percentage and grading class (SEUROP). AutoFom III can also provide the lean meat percentage of the 4 primal cuts (ham, shoulder, loin and belly) as well as their total weight and the weight of lean meat for each cut.

AutoFom III can be configured to predict commercial cuts and also specific data like loin eye area and ham fat -thickness in order to meet the requirements of the customer. The yield information permits the slaughterhouse to optimize the sorting of the primal cuts and pay the farmers according to the exact market value. This attracts the best pigs in the market and it encourages the breeding of pigs with high commercial value.

Precision in payment
When paying your producers according to lean meat percentage, P2 or other parameters, the absolute precision of the new AutoFom III is in a class of its own, documented by many national approval tests. In actual production it is, of course, even less prone to error than a handheld instrument.

Payment by commercial value
The lean meat percentage, or the P2 value, only explains in part the true value of a pig carcass. Instead, use AutoFom III to develop a payment matrix.

Sorting without errors
AutoFom III takes the accuracy with which you can sort your cooler on the basis of quality traits to new levels. For many of our customers the automatic sorting of carcasses prior to splitting is considered key in the optimization of their raw material utilization.

Development of pigs with higher commercial value by using AutoFom III data
Pig producers can be encouraged to produce “tailor-made” pigs for the meat factories through an adapted payment matrix and consultancy services to assist farmers. Data can be used in breeding programmes and experience shows that improvement in genetics takes from 5-7 years but with a potential of high return of investment for the pig industry.

Yield management - continuous improvement with AutoFom III
The new AutoFom III is unique in the world in its ability to accurately predict the quality of a pig carcass prior to any processing steps. With an exceptional precision AutoFom III can define each primal cut and the lean meat yield of that cut, thus enabling accurate yield management control of cut floor performance. With a simple factory calibration it is possible to monitor changes and/or improvements in the yield.


  • The most accurate instrument in the world for quantifying pig carcass value 
  • 100 % automatic - grades more than 99,8 % of all carcasses even at high line speeds 
  • The only system which provides robust and accurate information about primal value 
  • Provides exact knowledge on cut-floor performance 
  • Enables production planning decisions on the basis of verifiable data rather than on assumptions 
  • Provides valuable feedback for genetic development

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