Instant On-line Analysis of Iodine Value and Fatty Acids

The new NitFom represents a breakthrough in bringing analysis of fat quality traits such as iodine value and individual fatty acids, to work directly on the kill floor. 


Fast and accurate
The NitFom can provide on-line data at line speeds up to 1200 per hour. It does so with an extremely high precision. As the NitFom calibration procedure is easy and robust, it brings a very reliable Process Analytical Tool to manage and control fat quality onto the production floor.

Feedback on Feed
The NitFom allows the slaughterhouse to manage and control fat quality in relation to all aspects of meat production. The instrument provides producers with a valuable tool for an intelligent feedback system on feeding regimes.

Iodine value and fatty acid composition are largely the result of the feeding regime used to bring the animal to slaughter weight, but factors such as gender, weight and age do have an impact. On-line rapid prediction of fat quality traits allows for an intelligent optimization for both slaughterhouse and producer.

Cut-floor Optimization
The NitFom also gives the opportunity to pre-sort carcasses for optimal cutting recipes by using iodine value or fatty acids as a sorting parameter.

Measuring principle
NitFom™ uses Near-Infrared-Transmission spectroscopy in combination with highly advanced chemometric modeling. The ultra fast measurements in combination with depth resolved spectra provides for a normalization of results giving very precise and robust measurements.

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