Meat Quality Evaluation

The pH*K21 provides accurate and fast measurement of the pH-value. It can be used on-line at the slaughterline or after the cooler to determine the quality of meat products. pH*K21 has a built-in memory and downloading capability.


System description
The glass electrode is especially developed for quality measurement in meat. It has a very short reaction time.

The measuring probe is covered and protected by a steel case. A telescopic sleeve guarantees that the glass electrode will only leave the protective steel case for the measuring process.

Unintentional damage to the electrode is therefore largely prevented by this protective measure (steel for use in the food environment 1.4301).

Measuring position
The pH value can be measured at different points in the carcass. In Denmark and Germany, pH is normally measured in the ham. Some plants measure pH between the 2/3 last rib. All measurements are made at the inside of the carcass.

Measurement output
Precise pH-determination of meat because of a second measurement which means:

  • Measurement of pH 1 right after slaughtering 45 min pm
  • Measurement of pH 2 after, for example, 24 hours
  • Measurement of pH 2 is automatically related to the current number of measurement pH1

Integrated memory/storage for 4000 measurements consisting of:

  • 4000 pH 1
  • 4000 x date and time
  • 4000 x pH 2, 4000 x date and time

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