Piglog 105
Measurement of Lean Meat or Backfat Thickness

Piglog 105 is an advanced ultrasound scanner for measurement of lean meat or backfat thickness on pigs. It is a management tool that accurately evaluates the lean potential from a live animal in a cost-effective manner. The Piglog 105 is a compact, fully portable backfat and loin muscle depth scanner and data-logger that can store information from up to 1,000 animals. Due to its data-logging capabilities, Piglog 105 can be programmed to calculate the age of the animal, the daily gain and other information.


Measuring principle
The Piglog 105 is an A-mode ultrasound device. Each measurement is calculated on the basis of reflection curves from eight sound waves emitted into the animal. If the reflection curves are consistent, the advanced software will analyze them. If not - Piglog 105 will repeat the sequence. All within seconds.

Measuring position
The measurements to estimate the lean meat content of the animal are made at two predetermined anatomical locations:

  • Backfat 1: Between 3rd and 4th last lumbar vertebrae, 7 cm (3 inches) from the midline
  • Backfat 2 and muscle thickness: Between 3rd and 4th last rib and 7 cm (3 inches) from the midline

Measuring output
Piglog 105 measures all fat layers and provides accurate results in the range of 5 to 50 mm (0,2-2,0 in.). The loin thickness is measured accurately in the range of 30 to 70 mm (1,2 to 2,8 in.). The measurements are stored in the memory and can be downloaded to an office computer within seconds.

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